Bloomsburg Health and Rehab Center is very clean, modern and the staff was very efficient.

Derrick came in for Rehab and will now return to his previous home a stronger man.

After her successful stay at Bloomsburg, Sherley is full of smiles and kind words. We are so happy to have helped her on her recovery journey and subsequent return home to her loving family!

We are so happy to announce that our dear Kathleen was able to return home after a successful recovery. We are sad to see her go but love being able to give our patients the help they need to be at home safely! Great work, Kathleen!

Helping our residents get the care they need fills us with happiness and pride. We are so happy to see our beloved Nancy feeling strong and ready to return home to her family and friends!

Even after multiple times in treatment, Dayton’s experience hasn’t changed. We are so happy to help him return to his wife smiling and strong and appreciate his positive feedback!

Another day, another Bloomsburg recovery. We are so happy to have been able to help our dear Carol get back on her feet and return home to her husband, smiling and stronger than ever!

“Thank you to everyone for the great care you all gave Billy over the years. I know that Billy was very happy living there and would often mention names of staff that he really liked. As his mom, I knew that he was getting the best care possible and the staff really cared about Billy.” – Nancy T.

“I have had therapy at several other facilities in the area  and this is the best therapy I have had.”  Mr. Duddy with Sandy Serrano, COTAL and Ashley Wagner, LPN.

After two months at Bloomsburg, Roxanna is going home, recovered, healthy, and happy.

She is leaving us with a 5-star review and some kind and encouraging words.

Thank you, Roxanna – your feedback means the world to us!

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