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Here at Bloomsburg, we are redefining holistic nursing care. Your unparalleled experience begins before you step foot through our doors. Our business office guides both residents and family members through the sometimes confusing admissions process, ensuring that the resident’s financial responsibilities are attended to before they arrive. Our dedicated admissions team then begins thoroughly preparing for your arrival, confirming that all supplies and equipment are in place.

You deserve to experience your therapy in comfort and convenience. As a patient of Bloomsburg Care and Rehabilitation, you are entitled to a personalized care plan specialized for your mobility and illness, and this specialized care does not end at the time of your discharge! Our social workers go above and beyond to ensure the smoothest possible transitions for our residents, often going to the residents home before they arrive to guarantee that everything is in place. Once you are back home, we schedule follow-ups to ensure you are receiving the right treatment and care, on-point, and on-time. 

Experience State-of-the-Art Rehabilitation for Fast Healing and Recuperation

You can sleep in peace every night, knowing that you or your loved one have a team of health professionals looking after your needs, including a full-time in-house PA working Monday through Friday. We will help you regain your health so you can return home as soon as possible. Get the best holistic care all under one roof, with our in-house services that include sub-acute in-patient rehab for:

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Please check out our warm community and comprehensive facilities. Experience a positive and nurturing lifestyle with our 24/7 personalized care. At Bloomsburg, you can experience healing and recovery in comfort. More than a facility, here,

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