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As your top-notch health institution for care and recuperation, Bloomsburg Care and Rehabilitation Center redefines healthcare with a holistic approach to treatment and rehabilitation. Located in the heart of Bloomsburg, we are Pennsylvania’s facility of choice for centralized patient care. When you join us at Bloomsburg, you’ll experience personalized activities according to your preferred lifestyle and mobility.

Experience our in-house, first-rate medical services, which are considered some of the best in the industry. We offer on-site consultation, disability assistance, and rehabilitation therapy tailored to your needs and medical condition(s). Through our positive and enriching environment, you WILL achieve your health goals! 


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Please check out our warm community and comprehensive facilities. Experience a positive and nurturing lifestyle with our 24/7 personalized care. At Bloomsburg, you can experience healing and recovery in comfort. More than a facility, here,

We are a family.